Download Hard Time Prison Sim Mod Apk v1.600.64 (MOD, Unlock All Locations)

Welcome to the captivating world of Hard Time Prison Sim Mod Apk! This enhanced version of the popular simulation game offers players a unique and thrilling gaming experience. With features such as unlimited resources, unlocked levels, and advanced customization options, Hard Time Prison Sim Mod Apk takes your gameplay to new heights. Whether you’re looking for a more immersive story mode, a test of survival in the harsh prison environment, or the excitement of gang wars and daring escapes, this modded version provides an array of game modes that cater to every player’s preferences.

Hard Time Prison Sim Mod Apk

NameHard Time Prison Sim
Size38 MB
Game StyleAdventure
MOD Features(MOD, Unlock All Locations)
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Features of Hard Time Prison Sim Mod Apk

The game offers several Modded Features such as follows:

1. Unlimited Money

The modded version of Hard Time Prison Sim Apk provides players with unlimited money. This feature allows players to have access to unlimited resources, making it easier to purchase in-game items, upgrades, and amenities. With unlimited money, players can enjoy a more comfortable and fulfilling prison experience.

2. Enhanced Customization

With the modded version, players have access to enhanced customization options. They can customize their character’s appearance, clothing, and even the layout of their prison cell. This feature allows players to create a unique and personalized gaming experience that reflects their style and preferences.

3. Unlock All Locations

In the modded version of Hard Time Prison Sim, all locations are unlocked from the beginning. Players can freely explore various areas within the prison without any restrictions. This feature provides a greater sense of freedom and allows players to discover hidden secrets and engage in different activities throughout the game.

4. Infinite Stamina

The modded version grants players infinite stamina, eliminating the need to worry about their character’s energy levels. With infinite stamina, players can engage in various activities within the prison without limitations, such as working out, participating in fights, or exploring the prison grounds.

5. No Ads

One of the most appreciated features of the modded version is the removal of ads. In the original game, players often encounter advertisements that can disrupt the gaming experience. However, with the modded apk, players can enjoy an ad-free gaming experience, allowing for uninterrupted immersion in the virtual prison world.

6. Advanced AI

The modded version of Hard Time Prison Sim Apk introduces advanced AI that enhances the behavior and interactions of non-playable characters (NPCs) within the game. NPCs exhibit more realistic and dynamic responses, making the prison environment feel more alive and immersive.

7. Unlocked Items and Weapons

With the modded version, players have access to a wide range of unlocked items and weapons. From basic necessities to powerful weapons, players can acquire and utilize various tools to their advantage. This feature adds an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the gameplay, allowing players to plan and execute their prison activities more effectively.

8. Enhanced Graphics and Audio

The modded version of Hard Time Prison Sim Apk offers enhanced graphics and audio quality. The visual enhancements provide a more realistic and visually appealing prison environment, while the improved audio effects create a more immersive gaming experience.

Features of Hard Time Prison Sim Mod Apk

Game Modes of Hard Time Prison Sim Apk

The game offers several different game modes for players to enjoy:

  • Story Mode: The Story Mode in Hard Time Prison Sim Apk takes players on a compelling narrative journey within the prison walls. Players will face a series of tasks, missions, and challenges that they must overcome to progress in the story. This game mode immerses players in a captivating storyline and provides a sense of purpose as they navigate through the game.
  • Survival Mode: Survival Mode in Hard Time Prison Sim Apk tests players’ resilience and resourcefulness as they try to survive in a harsh and unforgiving prison environment. In this mode, players must navigate through daily routines, interact with other inmates and prison staff, and find ways to stay safe and secure. It requires strategic decision-making and adaptation to survive the challenges that come their way.
  • Gang Wars Mode: Gang Wars Mode introduces a high-stakes dynamic where players must navigate the complex web of prison gang politics. In this mode, players can align themselves with a specific gang or choose to remain independent. They will engage in turf wars, alliances, and rivalries as they strive to establish dominance within the prison hierarchy.
  • Riot Mode: Riot Mode in Hard Time Prison Sim Apk brings chaos and mayhem to the prison setting. Players find themselves in the midst of a full-scale riot, where violence and unrest reign. They must navigate through the chaos, make crucial decisions, and ensure their survival amidst the turmoil. This mode tests players’ ability to stay calm under pressure and make quick choices.
  • Escape Mode: Escape Mode presents players with the ultimate challenge: breaking out of prison. In this mode, players must devise a strategic plan, gather resources, and outsmart the prison security systems to make a successful escape. It requires careful planning, stealth, and the ability to adapt to unexpected obstacles along the way.
  • Training Mode: Training Mode allows players to hone their skills and familiarize themselves with the game mechanics. In this mode, players can practice various activities such as working out, learning new skills, and improving their attributes. It provides a safe environment for players to experiment and understand the game’s mechanics before venturing into other challenging game modes.
  • Free Roam Mode: Free Roam Mode offers players the freedom to explore the prison environment at their own pace. They can interact with other inmates, engage in activities, and discover hidden secrets within the prison. This mode allows for a more relaxed and immersive experience, where players can delve deeper into the intricacies of the virtual prison world.
Game Modes of Hard Time Prison Sim Apk

How to Install Hard Time Prison Sim Apk

  1. First of all, remove any previous version of Hard Time Prison Sim Apk game, if installed.
  2. Download Hard Time Prison Sim (MOD, Unlock All Locations) Apk file on Sharul Apk Website.
  3. Go to Setting app you’re on mobile and open it.
  4. In setting Go to Security Setting and Find out the “Unknown Resources” option.
  5. Click “Unknown Resources” option and enable it.
  6. Go to file manager and open the downloaded game file.
  7. Click on the install button.
  8. Now open a game and play.

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Pros & Cons of Hard Time Prison Sim


  • With unlimited resources, unlocked levels, and advanced customization options, players can enjoy a more immersive and fulfilling gaming experience
  • Allows players to have more freedom and flexibility in their gameplay
  • Provide accessibility features not available in the original game


  • Not supported or endorsed by the original game developers
  • Introduce imbalances in the gameplay due to the availability of unlimited resources or unlocked features


In conclusion, Hard Time Prison Sim Mod Apk offers a thrilling and customizable gaming experience for players seeking an enhanced version of the original game. With its various game modes, including the captivating story mode, challenging survival mode, dynamic gang wars, and thrilling escape scenarios, players can immerse themselves in the world of prison simulation like never before. Ultimately, the decision to play Hard Time Prison Sim Mod Apk lies with the player, considering their preferences and priorities in gaming. So gear up, embrace the challenges of prison life, and enjoy the excitement that awaits in Hard Time Prison Sim Mod Apk.


Progress from the original game may not be transferable to the modded version. You may need to start fresh when playing the modded version.

Yes, the modded version can be played offline, just like the original game. However, some features may require an internet connection, such as multiplayer functionality.

Multiplayer functionality may not be available or supported in the modded version. It is best to check the specific mod features or consult the mod’s documentation.

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